Prof. Valtencir Zucolotto

Access to the New Scientific Writing Course with Certificate.

Nanomedicine and Nanotoxicology Laboratory - IFSC - USP

Welcome! This website has been developed to help you during the process of writing scientific papers. The writing of scientific papers is one of the most important and difficult tasks in a scientist´s life. Even for native speakers, the writing of efficient, high impact scientific papers is often limited because most of the scientists don’t know about the structure of a regular scientific paper.

The site brings video classes and material to download, especially developed by Prof. Zucolotto, a scientist and editor of the top scientific publication: Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology. Dr Zucolotto has given scientific writing courses in a number of Universities in Brazil and Europe in the last ten years. This web-based course is divided in 8 modules and includes lessons on the structure and language of scientific papers. The modules also bring lessons related to the editorial process, aiming at clarifying what happens to your manuscript after submission.